2015 Subaru STI: Full Agency Power Exhaust Treatment

December 18th, 2014

AP 2015 Subaru STI Header_Exhaust_Intake Installed-15

Starting 2015 early with the Agency Power Full Exhaust Systems for Subaru WRX & STI.

Nows the time to get a jump start on 2015. It’s right around the corner and we have what your customers want! Check out our full line of exhausts for the 2015 Subaru WRX and WRX STI. Get a jump start and have the product now instead of next year! Contact sales@agency-power.com for purchasing, product info, or specials.

For more info and full product lists visit: www.agency-power.com

For this client build we wanted to make sure that nothing performance oriented went unthought of. So we started at the front and worked our way backwards. The basic premise of this build was to obtain the best bang for the clients buck. Intake and sway bars had to go, along with the quiet factory exhaust. The end results speak for themselves, so for your viewing pleasure we have included a video displaying the process and new parts installed. Enjoy!


Porsche 991 Turbo: AP Y-Pipe and Titanium Exhaust

December 16th, 2014

In some cases leaving something incomplete can make it even more beautiful. Recently our Project 991 Turbo received a “behind the bumper” makeover. We fitted the car with our Agency Power Y-pipe, freshly powder coated white, with dry cone filters and our Titanium muffler. After doing the shoot we had a really difficult time putting that rear bumper cover back on. Not that it wasn’t fitting properly or because of missing hardware, but because we knew we would be covering up pure beauty. Porsche 991 Y-Pipe Intake Ti Exhaust Installed-6 Porsche 991 Y-Pipe Intake Ti Exhaust Installed-7 Porsche 991 Y-Pipe Intake Ti Exhaust Installed-8 Porsche 991 Y-Pipe Intake Ti Exhaust Installed-9

Generating Vortex’s at Agency Power

December 12th, 2014


Fresh on the market is the new Agency Power Carbon Vortex Generator. A vortex generator (VG) is an aerodynamic device, consisting of a small vane usually attached to a lifting surface (or aerofoil), such as an aircraft wing or a rotor blade of a wind turbine. VGs may also be attached to some part of an aerodynamic vehicle such as an aircraft fuselage or a car. The Agency Power VG adds both functionality and style to the FT86 platform at an affordable price. For more Agency Power carbon goods or to purchase the Vortex Generator,  visit: www.agency-power.com


For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy these installed shots on a scion FRS.

AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -1 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -2 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -3AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -4AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -5 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex Left-2 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex Left-1 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -10 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -9 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -8 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -7 AP FRS_BRZ Carbon Vortex -6


Agency Power Youtube Rennovation

December 11th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.47.23 AM

Over here at Agency Power we make sure to provide our dealers and clients with as much product information as possible. We are constantly producing install videos, sound clips, customer submitted clip, ect. To make the viewing experience easier we have recently renovated our YouTube channel.

All videos have been categorized by vehicle make, customer submitted, and so on. Navigation has never been easier! Select the Playlist Tab on our home page; Select the playlist in which the video you are searching for would be categorized under, example BMW. Then all available Agency Power BMW videos with appear.

See how easy it is to navigate our YouTube Channel now!   Check out our Playlists here.

F30 BMW 335i (N55) AP Cold Air Intake and AP Race Downpipe

December 10th, 2014

The other day we had a client come in looking to get just a tad more out of his car than what they give you from the factory. His 2014 BMW 335i M Sport performs just as it was intended. However the vehicle seemed to lack a bit of performance from the factory and to fill that void we gathered what we felt would best reveal that powerful N55 motor. We started with the basics and the stock air box had to go.

 Agency Power Cold Air Intake:

To begin this process, start by removing the MAF and IAT like pictured below. You will also want to loosen the factory hose clamp and coupler at the front left of the engine bay.



Once the factory airbox has been removed, you will need to move a few pieces over to the new Agency Power Cold Air Intake. The Mass Air Flow sensor or MAF will need to swapped over.



Properly secure the MAF and dry cotton gauze air filter to the intake piping. Once you have completed that the unit is ready to be installed. The Agency Power CAI is designed to use factory mounting points when being installed. Tighten the hose clamp on to the new intake tubing and reinstall the MAF and IAT.

IMG_0022 IMG_0023


The last step in to encase the new filter with the provided Agency Power heat shield. Not only does the shield provide a stylish look to the vehicles engine compartment but it also blocks out warm air trying to enter the intake. Secure both the intake piping and heat shield with the factory hardware and the Agency Power intake system is ready to go.

IMG_0012IMG_0027  IMG_0029 IMG_0028


Agency Power Race Downpipe:


With the intake installed and it was time to move on to the installation of the Agency Power Race downpipe. The instal process is not very difficult if suspended on a lift but is recommended to be installed by a professional mechanic. Lift the vehicle and set the lift on to its locks. Make sure that the vehicles exhaust has cooled off completely before beginning the process as you will be working directly with these components.

Start by loosening up both V-Band’s holding the factory downpipe/catalytic converter in, one attached to the flex tubing and the other at the turbo.

IMG_0031 IMG_0030

Once the V-Bands are loosened, disconnect both oxygen sensors from the pig tails (Note: you may have to lower the vehicle to access these). Carefully lower the OEM downpipe/cat from the vehicle. Once out swap over the oxygen sensors into the same location of the new Agency Power Race Downpipe.


Installation is the opposite of the removal process. Be sure to plug both oxygen sensors back in, and to tighten both v-bands. Start the car up  and hear the difference!