Sound Clip inside the Cockpit of a 991 S

A lot of people buy exhausts with an idea of what they want the exhaust to sound like on the outside of the car. Most sound clips are of the exterior of the car. We have a special video for you, showing you the interior cabin sound of an Agency Power enhanced Porsche 991 S. The view of the sexy red interior is worth watching on its own; but it’s the sound that we want you to pay attention to.

This 991 S belongs to our dealer Prestige Tire in Puerto Rico. They are awesome about… Read More


Blue Tipped BRZ Stands Out in a Crowd

The BRZ and FRS were two of the most highly anticipated tuner cars to reach the market in years. The already impressive stock setup was also incredibly compatible and responsive to aftermarket parts. Because we fancy ourselves as exhaust connoisseur’s, we were up to the test of creating the best sounding exhaust on the market for this new application.

Starting by opening up the airway with 2.5″ 304 stainless steel piping that was tig welded and mandrel bent with a sexy satin finish. ¬†From there we knew that the rear of the FRS was a blank… Read More


20 Products Under $100

Agency Power has a ton of products for $100 or less! Not every upgrade you make has to be a down payment on a house. You can make big changes at a little price. Here are some of the products we have listed for $100 or less.


Paddle Shifting in Style

Paddle shifters are the best and worst idea. They look super cool on the car, and are functionally genius. However, manufactures don’t take into account how big some drivers hands are. Or that some people don’t constantly have their hands at 9 and 3; therefore, reacting while using paddle shifters in a sharp turn, is easier said than done.

That’s why we came out with our own Agency Power Carbon Fiber Add-On Paddle Shifters. Not only do these give your Porsche interior a subtle custom carbon fiber accent, but they are larger than the OEM shifters. In turn,… Read More


How To Install Agency Power Ferrari F430 Headers – Customer Install Guide

We do installs of products quite often. We have a shop, tools and highly trained experts doing all of our installs. We love hearing from customers who have done their own installs. Most customers tell us that the install went well, or if they had issues, but it is rare that we get such an in depth pictorial of a customer install.

It’s no secret in the Ferrari community that the F430 lacks in exhaust manifold quality. You would think that with that price tag, this thing should be able to make you breakfast too! It is because… Read More