Porsche 996 997 Turbo Crank Pulley Installation

Now that you have received your Lightweight Crank Pulley for the Porsche 996 or 997, it is time to install it.  The installation is pretty straight forward.  There is a slight difference in the below compared to what you need to do.  Since we supply the pulley with a tool, you do not have to loosen 1 axle.  The reason this was done was to make it easier to loosen the crank bolt.  The pulley tool fits in either side of the crank bolt hole to allow you to hold the pulley in place from spinning.  Once you loosen the … Read More


How to Install Porsche 987 Cayman Boxster Racing Plenum Kit

Here is a brief how to installation guide on the Agency Power Porsche 987 Cayman or Boxster performance racing plenum kit.  This kit fits both the 2.7L and 3.4L engines and includes all components necessary for replacing the OEM unit.  You will need some basic hand tools, patience, and automotive experience.  Once the engine lid is removed from under the carpet behind the front seats, you can start to remove the factory plenum.  Make sure to check all your clamps, connections, and sensors before going for a test drive.  Any questions, just contact us! Read More


Sneak Peek of Agency Power’s Focus ST Suspension Brace

This year has been a big year for the Focus ST. As more people find out how awesome the ST is, the more they are wanting new ways to modify and customize their driving experience. Whether it’s aesthetics or performance, we’ve spent the last 9 month making sure we offer any and everything you’ll need for your focus.

Here’s a sneak peek of our next ST endeavor. We are branching into sexy looking torsion control products. We current have chassis stiffening products for different makes and models, but this beauty will be new to the Focus ST collection. Don’t let … Read More

flame thrower

RX-8 Flame Thrower Caught on Tape

Our customer sent us these videos and tagged us in this picture on Instagram. The RX-8 is a modding machine. The stock setup is perfectly compatible with a slew of aftermarket parts. Our RX-8 exhaust is one of our best selling exhausts and these videos explain why. When we asked him for some footage of his exhaust, he sent us what you see below, but also had to say this about out Titanium Tip RX-8 system.

“After we shot that video we went back to his house around 2am. As I left I was about 2miles away from his

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