The new 2008 Chevrolet turbo charged SS Cobalt has gained the respect of tuners from all walks of life. Coming on the market with a stock 260 horsepower 2.0 Ecotec turbo charged motor, replacing the previous supercharged motor. This compact car is a beast! When it was finally known that this creature would be available in second quarter of 2008, Agency Power couldn’t wait to get our hands on one to begin developing aftermarket performance parts to increase its all-ready impressive numbers of 0-60 in approximately 5.7 seconds, with 1/4 mile times of approximately 14.1 seconds.

  So first we started off with some simple upgrades like Inter-cooler piping, Exhaust, Down pipe, and intake. Our proto-type inter-cooler piping kit is made of a total of four pieces made out of 2.5″ aluminum. Two for the upper IC pipe and two for the bottom. I’m sure some of you tuners out there are thinking to yourself, “What about the sensor flange for the upper IC?”  Don’t worry! we got you covered! Its built into the pipe ready to go!  Again this is our very first prototype expect to see it available in 3″ in the near future!The final product once put into production will be available with a nice polished finish, as well as powder-coat. 

  Take a look at these pics below! Stay tuned for future news on the Exhaust, intake, and whatever else Agency Power comes up with. We know you tuners like to have quality performance parts, and as you know these definitely wont be an exception. With Agency power you get a combination of Performance, Elegance, and affordability!

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