The BMW F10 platform  gives the 5 series a more traditional BMW style.   In person, the BMW F10 is absolutely stunning.  However its the new Agency Power carbon fiber accessories that sets it apart from he rest.  The high revving V8 twin turbocharged S63 engine in the BMW F10 M5 produces a very impressive 560hp.  Sprinting from 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds, the new F10 chassis is extremely quick.  With the design of the new F10 M5 to be much more efficient over the previous E60, many key components are made of high grade composite material to keep it lightweight.

With the need to improve on the already remarkable platform Agency Power has furthered the new BMW F10 chassis with a more aggressive design package while giving you a substantial weight reduction.  This aerokit package includes that of 2 different style carbon fiber hoods, a carbon fiber CSL style trunk, and a carbon fiber finned diffuser.  All the products are made with 2×2 carbon fiber weave finished in a  high gloss automotive clear coat.  Each part was meticulously designed to work with all the OEM hardware and surpass the look of what would be OEM quality.  Each part takes into consideration aerodynamic principles and functional use.  The vents on the carbon fiber hoods help get heat out from under the hood from the S63 twin turbo V8 engine.  The carbon fiber trunk features an integrated trunk lip spoiler to keep airflow smooth off the rear end of the vehicle keeping you planted and sure footed through the corners.  Finally, the carbon fiber diffuser has its integrated strakes to streamline airflow which will reduce turbulence coming from under the vehicle.

The complete carbon fiber package with your choice of 2 hood designs is $3985.00 or can be purchased individually.  All Agency Power parts ship from the USA, worldwide.  For more information and pictures on each part, check out the carbon fiber BMW F10 M5 body kit parts here.

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