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Agency Power Boost Increase Valve Mahindra Roxor Turbo Diesel


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Increase the boost pressure of your turbocharger safely with this Agency Power Boost Increase Valve. These aluminum pieces are anodized for lasting good looks and laser engraved with the AP logo.  The valve has been designed to increase your boost pressure of the stock turbo which improves engine efficiency and reduces dangerous EGTs. As tested on the Mahindra Roxor 2.5L Turbo Diesel, the valve took boost pressure from 9psi to 16psi.  The 5 min install is extremely easy putting the valve between the compressor and wastegate line on the turbocharger.  You can see the amazing results of this valve with the VR Tuned ECU Tuning in the video here.


  • Logo on valve is backwards to draw your attention to arrows on other side.  Arrows on valve point to put in line so the arrow is facing the wastegate.
  • View Installation Instructions Here

Weight 1 lbs


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