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Agency Power Performance Clutch Upgrade Kit Mahindra Roxor


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The Mahindra Roxor has huge horsepower and torque potential out of it’s turbo diesel engine.  With many owners getting over 100ft/lbs of torque with just an ECU flash, a clutch upgrade will make a tremendous difference.  Delivering power to the ground on the street, dirt on the trail, and climbing those rocks will definitely be easier with the Agency Power Clutch Kit for the Mahindra Roxor.  Agency Power has partnered with it’s drivetrain specialists to develop this performance clutch kit for the Roxor.  Designed as a complete OEM replacement, it works with the stock OEM throw-out bearing and flywheel.  The heavy duty pressure plate is 50% stronger than stock also features a heavy duty, but streetable disc.  The clutch disc feature a dual sided, steel back, organic friction plate.  The disc is a sprung hub design.  This new clutch kit will also improve the pedal pressure providing you a much better driving experience.  The improved pedal modulation which feel much better during engagement and disengagement for a very smooth operation.  Each kit also includes the proper alignment tool for an easy installation.


  • Complete Pressure Plate and Disc Clutch Kit
  • Includes Alignment Tool
  • Works with OEM Bearing
  • Works with OEM Flywheel
  • Improved Pedal Feel and Modulation
  • Agency Power Red Powder Coated Clutch Cover


  • 2018+ Mahindra Roxor 4WD LHD 2.5L Turbo Diesel 5-speed Manual


  • Agency Power limited lifetime warranty does not apply to this product. Clutch kits need to be installed properly and have the proper break-in procedure done to assure functionality.
  • Made in the USA!
Weight 30 lbs


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