Agency Power Axle Back Muffler with Titanium Tips BMW M3 E46 01-05

Agency Power Axle Back Muffler with Titanium Tips BMW M3 E46 01-05


Agency Power Axle Back Muffler with Titanium Tips BMW M3 E46 01-05

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Having worked with some of the hottest BMW M3;s in the market, Agency Power wanted to develop an exhaust that not only had an amazing sound and look, but had great performance gains on the street. With the competition being tested, Agency Power drops the new stainless steel titanium tip muffler system for the BMW E46 M3. This brand new exhaust features extreme quality and fitment. The full stainless muffler system is completely polished. It fits to your stock exhaust hangers and fits with the stock or aftermarket pipes using the same flange connection. The mufflers save almost 30lbs off the rear end of your car. As well, they quad titanium tips with blue edges give the rear end of your BMW M3 an extremely hot look!

The Agency Power M3 exhaust will give your car a deep sound that stuns the competition on drive bys, but cruising speed does not drone inside the cabin. Expect to see a gain in mid to high rpm?s with this exhaust as it adds about 12 wheel horsepower. This exhaust system is the pinnacle of quality and performance, and will truly make your M3 stand out!

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Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 43 x 23 x 9 in

11 reviews for Agency Power Axle Back Muffler with Titanium Tips BMW M3 E46 01-05

  1. christian sendra

    christian sendra:

    looked at eisenmann, supersprint and others. This caught my eye because of prices, asthetics and the Ti tips. I had a Brola exhaust with Borla Midpipe, sounded great but midpipe really brought the volume down (4 on scale of 1-10). Agency Power deisgn very similar to supersprint. However these are polish steel. I wanted volume/sound, not so much performance gain. Fit was not great but refinement will improve being that this product is brand new in the M3 market. After some minor alignment work, the sound is insane! Not to loud but defintely louder than Borla, about a 7. Sounds like a exotic and very pleased.

  2. bj lopez

    bj lopez:

    I have this exhaust on my car. it sounds amazing and looks great with those Titanium tips. install was easy, bolts right up the car. best e46 m3 exhaust for the price!

  3. abdul yusrin salleh

    abdul yusrin salleh:

    Very nice mellow sound and authentic design. Vividracing managed to send to brunei (south-east asia) within a week by courier. Packaging is excellent.

  4. Michael Rutherford

    Michael Rutherford:

    My first impressions when the agency power muffler arrived was how light it was. But the sound is amazing. Very deep sound at low rpms, but when you rev it, it just has this awesome high pitched exotic sound. Not too loud while cruising on the highway and doesnt drone too bad. My only complaint is i use too much gas now because all i want to do accelerate and hear this great sound. The quality and fitment is good also, love the burnt blue tips, really makes the back end look aggressive. I would highly recommend this muffler, and for the price you cant beat it. I think this is one of the top 3 sounding mufflers for the E46 M3.

  5. Tyler Thompson

    Tyler Thompson:

    I recently installed the Agency Power Exhaust on my 2001 BMW M3 Race Car. This exhaust makes killer power, great sound and looks great to boot. Would highly recommend this exhaust over several of the more expensive kits for the E46 M3. The blue tips look amazing on my Laguna Seca blue exterior.

    -Tyler Thompson
    World Motors

  6. Imraan Shameem

    Imraan Shameem:

    To start, the Agency Power E46 exhaust system is a pretty dope investment. When purchasing my M3 I was looking around at various systems, some too quiet, overrated and ugly. I didn’t want to do what the typical Polo wearing M3 driver would do and run Dinan or Super Sprint, so after some research decided to get this amazing sounding system. It does take a while to break in but about a month later I had straight F1/FERRARI sound. It has a much deeper tone than any offering by the famous Super Sprint. Also the little BHP it does had makes a difference plus it weighs a good 40-50 lbs less than that of OEM. YouTube doesn’t do the sytem justice. Try to find someone running one and I promise it’ll be your next order.


  7. Bernard


    BEST EXHAUST EVER!!! SOUNDS AWESOME..DOESN’T DROWN IN THE CABIN AND IT SOUNDS EXOTIC..its the best exhaust out there for e46 m3..and price is so goood!!

  8. William Su

    William Su:

    I have an 05 BMW M3. I choose this exhaust for 2 reasons: sound and style. I have a Supersprint midpipes attached. My friends have other exhaust from Borla, AA, Supersprint,El Diablo, Remus….I can honestly say that the sound from the Agency Power is both aggressive and distinct, better than the others. Hope this helps.


  9. Jordan White

    Jordan White:

    This exhaust system has a very aggressive sound and takes the car to the next level!
    I did not experience any problems during install and the fitment is good.
    A great choice if you are looking for a louder exhaust and many compliments.

  10. P. Monroig

    P. Monroig:

    2006 M3 six speed manual with KN-57 cold air induction, Ebay headers and Agency Power Exhaust. The sound is great with a deep and grave tone mostly at low RPM but rather high at above 4000 RPM, maybe a potential problem with the cops. Probably less noisy if european catalitics are installed. Adequate power gains with good acceleration. Some drone inside the cabin when RPM are very low. Good quality and easy to install. Iam happy with it.

  11. RegulatorZ


    04smg e46 i had ap321 header and ap mid pipe and this exhuast, with a d/a ecu flashed from Agency Power it sound louder than the ninja bike out on the street, my bro told me he can hear from me at least four blocks away! gave me a lot of power! had this car since my high school year! love it a lot!

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