Agency Power Race Downpipes BMW X5M X6M xDrive50i 09-12


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Agency Power Race Downpipes BMW X5M X6M xDrive50i 09-12

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The BMW X6M and X5M SUV is a powerful vehicle with BMW’s V8 twin turbo engine. Because of the high horsepower and torque this vehicle produces, Agency Power set out to improve the performance with a set of race downpipes. The factory restrictive catted downpipes choke up the factory turbochargers. These race downpipes feature a high flow resonator to keep the sound down while improving power.

Constructed of high quality 304 stainless, these exhaust parts are designed to last. Thick flanges, precision engineering and built-in flex joints ensure your Agency Power downpipes are the perfect fit for your BMW X6M.

The tested downpipes produced 25hp and 12ft lbs of torque to the wheels and produced no check engine lights.

Fits: BMW X5M, X6M and X5/X6 xDrive 50i cars.

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  • This product is intended for RACE USE ONLY
Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 7 x 12 in

1 review for Agency Power Race Downpipes BMW X5M X6M xDrive50i 09-12

  1. Gade Hayes
    4 out of 5

    Gade Hayes:

    Gotchas first:

    1. Heatshields had to be cut and bent to reinstall based on rear o2 placement.
    2. Driver’s o2 sensor wires (qty:4) required extending
    3. The supplied donut gaskets are far too large – used originals.
    4. The secondary pipeing at the bottom (to connect to the stock exhaust) required lock washer use on the top and bottom. OEM piping has welded bolts. This would have been preferred.
    5. Top o2 circular shields no longer lined up and were not reinstalled.

    Review time:

    Holy santa clause shyt!

    First the sound. The factory muffler now sounds superb. At idle you can barely tell anything was done. Startup is still ridic loud, but that really isn’t a change. When on throttle and under load you can finally hear the turbos at work and the muffler sound is just right in my opinion. It sounds great and while I had previously considered building a custom muffler setup including dumps, I now am likely to just swap tips to some generic blued chrome and not make additional alterations.

    Now the performance:. SOTP Dyno results are real. Off idle torque is massive. The lag experienced on the bottom room range is gone. The traction nanny now yells at me if not launching in M mode. Not saying it’s trying to roll over all 4 corners, but it’s got enough oomph now to be concerned for you. It pulls harder to redline across the band. While I wasn’t convinced it would add 25hp as claimed (and am still not) but 25 hp/tq off idle is definitely a possible outcome. I haven’t done any Dyno pulls nor do I plan to as this is my daily and Dyno pulls look drivetrain intensive (already replaced driveshaft… Not looking for that pain again.)

    Another positive to this install now… I was experiencing the soft melty plastics at the top of the firewall. That is definitely an afterthought now. The engine bay was easily 100 degrees cooler after a spirited drive last night. Hoping this also plays into the life of my vacuum hoses so that the premature brittling is no longer a concern either.

    Overall bang for the buck here is still unacceptable at M tax levels, but my above justification and the overall smile factor when I drive now makes up for some of the residual overpricing.

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