Agency Power Ti Tip Catback Exhaust Mazda RX-8 03-11

Agency Power Titanium Tip Catback Exhaust Mazda RX-8 04-11


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Agency Power Titanium Tip Catback Exhaust Mazda RX-8 03-11

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The need for power, quality, and style has once again been executed by Agency Power with their brand new complete exhaust system for the Mazda RX8. This new stainless steel exhaust system features a dual muffler setup with a titanium 4 inch tips etched with the Agency Power logo. The system utilizes T304 stainless steel 3 inch piping TIG welded with 1/2 inch thick flanges. The system includes the dual resonated midpipe for those racers wanting more horsepower and sound. The center pipe features a resonator to get the perfect tone and includes the bung for the factory O2 sensor. The Agency Power catback exhaust includes strong durable hangers and connects with factory hardware.

The complete exhaust will fit to the factory header on your 2003 and up Mazda RX8. The exhaust will give you a large gain in horsepower and torque. The race sound of the exhaust will not drone inside the car but give you that quality tone you desire.

All Agency Power products come with a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty when you fill out this form HERE.

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 12 x 21 in

4 reviews for Agency Power Titanium Tip Catback Exhaust Mazda RX-8 04-11

  1. Angel Viruet

    Angel Viruet:

    OMG it looks and sounds great. I have headers so it sounds a bit more I expected but it really brings out the rotary on the 8. You really feel a monster under the hood. I love it………thank you Agency Power for recomending it..

  2. Brice Douai

    Brice Douai:

    This is an excellent system. It has an excellent sound as well as size for the look of the exhaust. The only down fall of this package is that AP did not send new bolts and nuts…. the bolts to take off the manifold as well as the cat were melted on and I had to buy new bolts from the dealership about $75 for a new set. :( All in all the system itself is PURRRFECT!!!

  3. c.k


    Best deal and fast ship. Good service . It Has little bit of figment problem that the cat back pipe hit the rear chasis but i fixed it with some spacer on the hanger .

  4. Vicky
    5 out of 5


    I couldn’t be more happy of the choice I made! I think it’s the perfect sound for a RX8, the weld are beautiful, the tip are awesome too. When I first heard the sound with this new exhaust, I was really surprised, but happily surprised. Had to do a bit of fittement since it’s on a 2009 R3, but they are really minor.

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