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Where’s It Made


Agency Power takes immense pride in the work it does and the products it creates.  Many products Agency Power has engineered and designed, have been released to market and never replicated becoming industry firsts.  The reason for this page is to show our current and potential customers that USA based Agency Power takes craftmanship and sets standards to another level.

One of Agency Power’s product line is CNC machine based.  We have many different products from Fuel Components, Motor Mounts, Shifters, Suspension Parts, and more.  Agency Power has 2 CNC mills and lathes on site along with a slew of other equipment to produce and prototype its products.  Some products are made outside of Agency Power right here in Arizona with our machine shops we have engaged business with.  Everything down from the concept, design, engineering, testing, anodizing, and laser engraving is all sorted in Arizona.  All these products are made under strict tolerances to ensure a perfect working item is produced.

Another product Agency Power is known for is our steel braided brake lines and our silicone boost and radiator hoses.  Our steel braided brakes lines are all manufactured by a partner company in the USA for us to meet strict DOT regulations.  Each kit is made with precision testing and comparison to the vehicles factory lines to ensure proper fitment.  Our silicone hoses are made using our proprietary mandrels which are designed off the factory components.  After test fitting the products, we produce the production pieces.  These products again are made by a manufacturing company based in the USA.

A large part of what Agency Power produces is with performance exhaust components.  Agency Power does not buy off the shelf cheap foreign exhaust systems like other brands.  Agency Power prototypes most of the exhausts here in Arizona with our dedicated fabrication department.  Using our own vehicles or customer provided vehicles, we develop exhaust systems to produce here or have our partners produce to our specifications.  Before a production part is released, we test them on our Mustang AWD Dyno and make changes to achieve the best sound and performance we can get.  The stainless steel TIG welding is all robotic and all our exhaust systems feature completely polished piping.  We have even introduced titanium mufflers and tips to certain vehicles.

Some of our newest products are being produced are in Carbon Fiber.  These products are typically prototyped here in Arizona.  For parts that our facility cannot produce, we design parts based off the original for our manufacturing partners to make.  These carbon fiber products feature superior quality vacuum formation, clear coat finish, and a fitment that will rival any OEM manufacture.  These components are generally produced using the OEM product to ensure a quality fit.